Almec Group


Upholstered furniture for the interiors, result of the combination between craftsmanship and innovative materials, comfort everywhere.

Experience, teamwork, manual skill and comfort

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Our philosophy

Company Kasa in three words? Quality, professionalism and helpfulness. Specialized in the production of upholstered furniture for the interiors, we collaborate with and supply prestigious national brands, combining traditional craftsmanship with the use of innovative materials. Our primary goal is to fully satisfy our clients' needs by trying to follow and support a market that evolves constantly.

The collaboration: our strength

Thanks to our professional team's work and to the synergies created with the other companies of the group, we are able to make from nothing the finished product and to reduce drastically the delivery time.

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Comfort in office as in your own home

Our creations meets the needs of the home interior design, with products like sofas and beds, but they are suitable also for waiting and community areas, with items like armchairs for offices, theaters, cinemas and stadiums. Our goal: comfort and relax outside and inside your house.

Company's processes

The key factors of our production processes? Manual skill and experience. Combined together, they allow us to give each product a tailor made "dress". The study of new materials and new working techniques gives us the possibility to offer our clients always updated solutions, suitable for all their needs, in line with the demands of the market.


The fabrics and the leathers, once forwarded to the cutting and sewing department for the make-up, are installed on the pre-covered structures and fastened to them with Velcro in the removable cover version, or stitched, in the fixed cover version.

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This process is entirely manual and it requires great skill and experience by the operator. Capitonné consists in the application of covered bottoms, fixed to the panel by twines passed through the back and pulled with a long needle. The folded leather effect is created by the competent hands of the operator.


Same-width leather or eco-leather covered strips are woven together and stitched to the panel, creating a distinctive wicker effect. The final result is an attractive bed head able to stand out in the bedroom.

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Future outlooks, tomorrow's challenge

Searching for innovative models and fibers that guarantee the maximum comfort, always with an eye to functionality and aesthetics. We study new production processes and launch original projects to meet our clients' demands. We shape the comfort.