High quality made in Italy, innovation and craftsmanship know-how in Almec Group are combined with the attention to detail, the research of design, the ability of creating custom made products and the sensitivity towards the sustainability.

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Made in Italy's excellence

We are committed every day in the research of the best materials and in the experimentation of new technologies to create high quality products, entirely made in Italy.

Design research

Thanks to our roots and our rich Italian heritage, we love the beauty and we desire to shape it through our creations, searching for the perfect design for our products, but without ignoring comfort and functionality.

Attention to detail

The attention to the craftsmanship here is applied in every single phase and the care for details is guaranteed by the continuous update and by the constant research of new technologies.

Custom made design

Committed to our customer's needs, we realize personalized services with tailor made design and we offer our active collaboration during the study phase and the development of models.

Quality materials

At the base of the value of our products there is an attentive research and selection of materials, thanks also to the collaboration and the loyalty of our suppliers.

Watchword: sustainability

Having people and environment well-being close to our heart, Almec Group invests in the research and commits to safeguard of the entire ecosystem with choices that involve collaborators, clients, suppliers, and all the manufacturing activities of the companies.

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Plant Piuma 4.0

Becoming a modern company, able to offer the highest manufacturing standards. At the same time, decreasing the environmental impact and guaranteeing a comfortable work environment for our collaborators. The recent introduction of the plant Piuma 4.0, that makes customized articles with different mixture of feathers, meets all of these requirements. The innovative technology employed guarantees higher quality standards and allows us to reuse the scraps from other process, increasing the sustainability of the company and avoiding the wastefulness.

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