Almec Group

Euroline Furniture

From the raw material, to the semifinished, up to the finished product. A wide range of products and services where craftsmanship and manual skill are combined together with technological and sustainable innovations.

Technological evolution and craftsmanship applied to the design

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Our philosophy

Professionalism, collaboration and constant research of improvement: these are Euroline Furniture's strength. We want to be an important and a proactive partner. For this reason we invest in the staff training and in the constant update of the manufacturing technologies.

The secret: our collaborators

Our company is made of a young and dynamic staff, professional and technically prepared. We are able to collaborate and interact with the clients to develop projects, examine the target market and industrialize manufacturing processes, guaranteeing quality and control of the final product.

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Innovation and design: well-being is our goal

Always looking for high-performance and sustainable innovative technologies, we combine craftsmanship and manual skill with machines that allow us to work with high numbers, guaranteeing the well-being of our collaborators and clients.

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Company's processes

Made of several manufacturing areas, Euroline Furniture develops itself into different but often complementary processes. Efficient and synergic departments give us the possibility to offer various solutions to the several demands. Thanks to the presence of various processes inside the same company, we propose ourselves to the customer as unique interlocutor, reducing in this way the "time to market".


Thanks to the make-up of covers and upholstery, the company can also satisfy customers wanting a finished product ready for sale and use. We produce: sofas, beds, armchairs, chairs and complete accessories for customisation, including with just-in-time supply. From design to the finished product, the department is involved mainly with supplies such as upholstered elements and covers in general.

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A dedicated department performs drawed quilting, a technical process that facilitates the customisation of semi-finished products, on a design too. It also enables products to be completed with accessories. We realized: quilted fabric and leather covers, mattress covers, decorative elements, quilts, bedspreads and accessories.

Production of semi-finished products for furnishing

The pre-covering line produces semi-finished products for the manufacturing industries, requiring only customisation of the cover according to the specific sales characteristics. We produce: pre-covered structures for living areas, bed heads, armchairs and chairs.

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Expanded materials

Computerised cutting centres can create any form of padding from the raw material. Finishing and assembly with experience combine the qualities of the various products in a single component. We produce: cushions for living areas, padding for beds, high-technology mattress interiors, decorative elements and packaging.

Leather, hard leather and synthetic

Today, new working techniques have given the cover new life in living areas where elegance, style and well-being are important. The use of materials such as hard leather, leather and synthetic, combined with creativity, allow numerous possible applications to be proposed. Craftsmanship, attention to detail and precision at the service of industrial furniture production.

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Feather stuffed soft furnishings

Our pillows are made from mixtures of natural goose and duck feathers, treated to the most severe hygiene standards. Thanks to modern and constantly updated equipment, use of top-quality materials and creativity in seeking out new solutions, the company can provide products to satisfy the specific needs of the customer. The high production capacity guarantees a rapid and punctual service.

Polystyrene products

Evolution in processing polystyrene has acted as a stimulus to create forms with innovative design and materials. Products without a rigid structure, upholstered furniture using mixtures of polystyrene foam and covered with fabric, leather and synthetic for comfort and practicality.
 Experience and a patented system are at the service of every customer's ideas to create tailor made products.

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Future outlooks, tomorrow's challenge

We deeply care for our collaborators and planet well-being. We are committed to create a comfortable working environment, to reduce the wastefulness in our company and experiment new technological and sustainable materials for our creations