La nostra azienda

KASA S.r.l. began life in 1995 on the initiative of three people with 20 years’ experience in the soft furnishing and upholstery sector. Specialising in the production of soft furnishings, sofas, beds and armchairs for offices and communities, it supplies and collaborates with well-known Italian brands.
Ready to take on board the ever new demands of the market, Kasa srl has managed to combine traditional craftsmanship with the use of innovative materials.



Quality, professionalism and cooperation are the three key words identifying the company’s strategy. Quality and professionalism expressed throughout the production and finishing process, cooperation expressed through a willingness to produce to individual orders or contract, using fabrics, eco-leather, all kinds of real leather and normal or fire retardant materials, adopting a just-in-time approach.
All this not least thanks to synergy with the other companies in the group, allowing Kasa s.r.l. to produce the finished product from scratch, drastically shortening delivery times.


Staff and design

The experience, skill and professionalism of its staff allow Kasa s.r.l. to collaborate actively with the customer’s technical departments during design and development of the models. Its primary aim is to fully satisfy the customer’s requirements, striving to follow and keep up with a constantly evolving market.