Euroline Furniture


Our company

Euroline Furniture represents the evolution of technology and craftsmanship applied to design. Technique and style merge to offer top standards of quality and service. Continuous collaboration to develop unique and innovative products and collocation in the artistic and traditional trades sector make the company the perfect partner in the upholstered furniture sector.
Since 1997, it has been collaborating with the leading furniture brands. In a structure measuring about 6000 m², it produces upholstery on three levels, from the raw material, through semi-finished products to finished products.



Euroline Furniture is committed to satisfying the numerous requirements of the furniture sector, offering professionalism at the service of companies and collaborating in research and the production of unique innovative products.
Keeping constantly up-to-date with production technologies, staff training, the pursuit of constant improvement and a determination to always be propositional and innovative towards the market are the key points in the company’s growth strategies. The aim is to be an important partner.


Technical department

The technically expert personnel are able to interface with the customer to develop the projects, analyse the reference market and industrialise the production process, guaranteeing quality and control of the final product.
Computerised support allows information to be exchanged with even distant technical studios in the case of supplies on contract. During the design phase, the technical department uses advanced CAD equipment and the production departments with their specific experience collaborate to optimise each individual product.



Reliability and dynamism are the bond which holds the high performance workgroup together. Through professionalism and collaboration, each person becomes a mainstay of the company.