The use of computerised pantographs optimises consumption of the raw block of polyurethane and considerably speeds up production of complex shapes with consistent accuracy throughout the various work cycles. The shaped piece can be further processed: bent, milled, hollowed, glued to other elements, covered, etc.


Using machines working on the principle of compression cutting, we can produce items in expanded materials with customised ridges and contours.


With the help of machines using special differentiated thickness profiling rollers for compression cutting, we can produce a range of articles such as pillows and mattresses with differentiated zones, including with different types of expanded material.


This involves joining a number of elements made from the same or different materials, using water based or synthetic adhesives, according to the type of process involved. Gluing of elements: rubber/rubber, rubber/wadding, rubber/resined, rubber/iron, rubber/plastic, rubber/wood, etc.


Production of semi-finished padding covered with technical materials chosen to guarantee top comfort. Sewing of:

  • resined and polyester cushions;
  • covering of rigid structures;
  • protective frame covers made from combined technical materials such as velvet/foam, velvet/wadding, cloth, cotton/wadding…;
  • polyester or resined covering of polyurethane foam elements.

Other Group processes

Almec Furniture

  • Pre-covering
  • Upholstery
  • Capitonné

All Almec Furniture processes


  • Upholstery
  • Capitonné
  • Woven

All Kasa processes

Euroline Furniture

  • Feather stuffed soft furnishings
  • Leather/ Hard Leather/ Synthetics
  • Polystyrene products
  • Upholstery
  • Processing of expanded materials
  • Quilting
  • Production of semi-finished products for furnishing

All Euroline processes